School Dinners

School Dinners

Hot Lunches

Hot Lunches are available each day as we have a kitchen on site. Your child will get a full meal at the cost of just £2.10 per day. The menu for hot lunches is available in the school office and below to download.

Drinking water is available from the water fountain in the school. Children may fill up their drink containers from this fountain. Parents can order milk from the office if they wish their children to have milk in school during the morning break. The milk cost is £6.00 per half term.

Children are encouraged to have fruit or bring their own healthy snacks in their lunch boxes. We have a healthy eating policy and children are regularly informed about keeping and eating healthy.

Click on the links below to download our lunch menu:

Term 1A

Term 1B

Term 2A

Term 2B

Term 3A