Asalamu Alaikum Dear guest,

On behalf of the staff and governors at Fig Tree Primary, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child as you begin your learning journey with us. Fig Tree was the first Muslim school set up due to parental demand for their children to be educated within a faith-based setting; it has been serving the community for almost 20 years. As a Muslim school, we are committed to giving all our pupils the best chances for success in this life and the life hereafter through upholding traditional values of; hard work, honesty, resilience and good manners. Through applying these values fairly and consistently we shape and mould our pupils into confident, upright British citizens who provide a positive contribution to the community and society as a whole Insha’Allah.

At Fig Tree Primary we deliver the National Curriculum, within an Islamic environment. Our children also get the additional Quranic recitation lesson, Arabic and Islamic studies. Our PSHE is based around ‘Theme of the Week’ these are the discourses of the Prophet Muhammad which are matched with national themed weeks such as, Anti-Bullying Week, International Peace Day and Mother’s Day. At Fig Tree, we believe we are nurturing children who are proud of their faith, heritage, and our country.

Our vision is based on every child developing a strong deen (religion) and growing up to be a responsible British citizen who gives back to society through hard work and service. To see our vision in practice, come and visit us! We look forward to welcoming to you to our friendly and caring school.

Mrs Hussain