Our Staff

Our Staff

Fig Tree Primary School Staff

Our staff embody an unwavering commitment to excellence, fostering a nurturing environment where every student’s potential is not only recognised but also cultivated.

Their dedication is a cornerstone of our school, as they tirelessly go above and beyond to provide a holistic and enriching educational experience. With a genuine passion for teaching and a profound understanding of the individual needs of our diverse student body, our staff create a vibrant tapestry of learning, ensuring that each child’s journey is met with guidance, encouragement, and personalised support.

Their boundless enthusiasm, creativity, and tireless efforts stand as a testament to their exceptional quality, reflecting the heart and soul of Fig Tree Primary School.

Mrs Hussain
Head Teacher
Mrs Chishti
Nursery Manager (Assistant Headteacher)
Mr Muntazir
Head of Islamic Studies and Religious Education
Mrs Akhtar
School Manager
Mr Hussain
KS2 Teacher Yr 5 & 6 (Assistant Headteacher)
Ms Rafah
KS2 Teacher Yr 3 & 4
Miss Rafiq
KS1 Teacher Yr 1 & 2
Mr Hai
Quran Teacher
Mrs Akhtar
Higher level Teaching Assistant
Ms Amel
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Aleesha
Office Administrator
Ms Paris
Lunch Time Staff
Mrs Azam
Lunch Time Staff
Mr Khan
P.E Teacher