Lunch Menu

The Kitchen staff plan the dinner menu on a termly cycle.  The choices on offer are planned in advance and listed in our newsletter as well as the school’s website. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be a small variation to the menu.

Lunch time for Foundation is 11:45 to 12:15 pm and for Key Stage 1 and 2 children it is 11:50 pm to 12:20 pm.

Children are provided with a wholesome hot meal at lunchtime from our dedicated kitchen. Your child will get a full meal at the cost of just £2.00 per day. Alternatively children can bring their own lunch from home.
Fig Tree School lunch menu for term 2A, Academic Year 2019-2020

Lunch menu 2A pdf

Drinking Water: Available from the school water fountain. Children may fill up their drink containers from this fountain.Fresh water is served with food

Salad is served with food everyday

  • Fruits are available after lunch
  • Menu for dessert includes; Yoghurt, Ice cream (different flavoured), Seewiyan, Kheer, Custard, Pineapple pieces or Jelly

Milk: Parents can order milk from the office if they wish their children to have milk in school during the morning break. Milk cost is £6.00 per half term.

Healthy Eating Policy

Children are encouraged to have fruit or bring their own healthy snack in their lunch box. We have a healthy eating policy and children informed about healthy eating habits.

  • Salad is served with food every day
  • Fruits are available after lunch