Admissions and Fees

Our admissions are on-going and as such there is no deadline to meet. We aim to recognise each individual’s needs and encourage students to create opportunities for them to become confident Muslims.

  • We aim to keep our admission procedure as easy, quick and friendly as we possibly can
  • All applications will be treated in a sensitive manner
  • Pupils will be assessed by their own year group teacher

Admissions Procedure

The school’s office manager will be responsible to give all relevant information to parents/carers and show them around. If parents wish to see the class teacher or class room, an appointment can be made on request as class cannot be disturbed during the lesson.

Fees for academic year 2017-18:

Pupil(s) Annual Fee Per Month


£2,040 £170


£3,600 £300


£4,800 £400


£6,600 £550
  • Temporary/short term pupil fees are £200 per month
  • A one-off admission charge of £50 per child is required prior to a pupil attending the school

For further information, please contact: