Why Choose Fig Tree?

Parents who are conscious of their children’s academic and spiritual futures choose Fig Tree for their child. Psychologists say that 70% of one’s behaviour and character is formed during the first 11 years of one’s life. If a child has been loved and cared for in the early years and is then given the opportunity of attending Fig Tree Primary School for 6 years, then rest assured, the character of that child will be exemplary.

Distinguished features of the school

  • Service to Allah
  • Further education & career
  • Serving the community
  • Marriage & family
  • Preparation for life long learning

Islamic Ethos

  • Qur’an and Sunnah in action
  • Training in Adab, Islamic morals and manners
  • Daily Islamic assembly, with recitation of Quran
  • Lessons from the life of Prophet Muhammad [saw]
  • Trained dedicated Muslim teachers
  • Modesty and respect
  • Prayer in Jama’ah