Lunch Menu

Children are provided with a wholesome warm meal at lunchtime from our dedicated kitchen. Your child will get a full meal at the cost of just £1.50 per day alternatively children can bring there own lunch from home.

School Menu

Day of the week Lunch Dessert
Monday Pasta Custard / Cake
Tuesday Fish Fingers, Fish Cakes, Garlic Bread, Beans & Boiled Vegetables Jelly
Wednesday Curry with Naan Fruit Salad
Thursday Pizza , Lasagne, Ch Wraps, Pizza & Chips Ice Cream
Friday Rice with Raita Yoghurt
Mixed Salad is provided to accompany all lunch time meals.

Drinking Water

Drinking water is available from the school water fountain. Children may fill up their drink containers from this fountain.


Parents can order milk from the office if they wish their children to have milk in school during the morning break. Milk cost is £6.00 per half term.

Healthy Eating Policy

Children are encouraged to have fruit or bring their own healthy snack in their lunch box. We have a healthy eating policy and children informed about healthy eating habits.